How Do Coders Keep Reinventing Slot Games?

As a video gaming enthusiast, I decided to study a little on video title programming. I didn’t go to university or anything for it, but my study was based on research and looking up information online. I searched to find what coders really do when creating a pokie title and how they do it.

Another essential point that I learnt in the process is that modern pokie machines use what is known as a random number generator (RNG) to generate its losses and wins. The RNG system is a mathematically based program that groups numbers to determine the symbols that produce an outcome.

What is Game Development?

Pokie development is creating the necessary software for the online machine. This means that the developing company works on getting that pokie machine on online platforms. There are three elements that go into creating a pokie machine.

  • The mechanics
  • The machine art
  • The machine software development

To keep up with the ever-evolving industry, developers continue to research more advanced techniques in title development. I also came to realise that pokie machines actually require a substantial amount of work. This is done through a microprocessor that provides a set command.

I also learned that when planning to create your own pokie title, it’s important to have the right programming language. In some cases, developers use more than one programming language. Below I’ll look at some of the most commonly used computer codes when developing an application.

Commonly Used Computer Languages for Pokies

C++ Programming

This is the top language in creating most titles including pokies. The most popular slot games have been created with this programme. This is an excellent system that ensures there’s maximum control over how the code interacts with hardware. I heard that it’s also known for its high performance capability which gives the developer the freedom to create.

Another intriguing thing about C++ is that it’s known to be powerful and possess high speed. This is every gamer’s dream as it means I can play my favourite titles without any delays when they are created with C++. This developer code converts language rapidly which means titles load faster even when they are multiple tasks running simultaneously. The system also produces universal products that can be used on any platform or operating system.

Java Script

JavaScript is commonly used to develop cross-platform pokies. It can be coupled well with HTML and CSS. I came to realise that developers who use the system prefer it as it provides some comprehensive solutions.


It’s a great way to add animation and interactivity to a pokie. JavaScript also has its fair share when it comes to its community, making it easy for more designers to create pre-elements for a pokie.


Typescript is a reinvention of JavaScript. It inherited all the good stuff from JavaScript and added its own. One additional advantage that I came to learn is that it has static typing; this means it makes it easier to find bugs and create a better structure for a code. TypeScript is also among the top 10 used source codes by developers.

Python Coding

Python is a popular and beginner-friendly software development program. it’s an excellent option for creating the simplest titles. What I really adore about Python coding is its high-level language that allows accurate memory management and dynamic typing. Apparently, Python is much slower when compared with other programs such as C++ and developers commonly don’t prefer it, especially for complex titles.

These coding software allow developers to keep on reinventing and recreating pokies. What the software simply does is convert the developer’s creativity into a sequence that a computer can understand. In other words, I came to realise that a developer’s creativity is essential when it comes to creating and reinventing a pokie. Once a computer receives the message, it can complete any assigned task sent through a code.

Types of Pokies

Pokies are extremely popular among players, and it comes as no surprise that there’s a wide range and so many types of these online titles. Below, I will look at some of the most popular ones.

Classic Pokies 

A classic pokie is the most traditional and simplified variation. It’s also the easiest creation for any game developer. I also saw that a classic pokie is the simplest way for any developer to start creating their titles.

3D Pokies

3D is one of the greatest integrations in software development. I’m used to watching 3D movies with some special glasses and the great news is that with these pokies you can play without them.


These types of pokies follow a specific storyline and character, which means that a developer’s creativity is explored.

Other Types

The different coding programs also allow for the list of pokies to continue to grow. Other types of pokies on my list include:

  • Progressive pokies
  • Virtual reality pokies
  • Penny pokies
  • Multi-reel pokies

Remember if you will be coding you are required to possess some creativity and critical thinking which is the key to reinventing new pokies.